Famifind is an online directory of retro video game stores located throughout Japan. It’s intended to be a guide that can help both tourists visiting Japan, as well as locals who might not be familiar with the stores they have in their backyard.

My name is Jason, I built this site and I like to play and collect retro japanese video games. I started working on this site after moving to Tokyo from Australia and finding that there really was no central online resource of good retro video game shops. I'd constantly travel to a new area of Japan and find myself spending hours tracking down elusive game stores in seemingly impossible to find locations. So after spending a few months doing this I decided to do something with the data I collected and build a site other collectors could use, so here we are.

Although I’ve tried to collect as much data as I can, I know I’m missing hundreds of great stores throughout Japan. So this is where I’m now asking you, to help me build upon the site’s data and improve the site. If you know of any good shops that aren’t listed on the site, please get in contact, either via the Submit Shop form or any contact method on the Contact page. Also if you have information or images from any shop already listed and you’d like to contribute, please let me know!

The Future

The current form of Famifind, I hope, is just the beginning. I have many plans for features and improvements that could shape the site into something awesome. A lot of this depends on my schedule, so I ask you to bear with me in the development of the site. My eventual plan is to have the site be totally open and not reliant on someone curating the site’s data exclusively.

Some new features I hope to add in the near future are:

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